Transport sand, stone, cement

We specialize in providing transportation services for sand, stone, and cement from the mining site to the site for all of the building material distributors.We have a system of trucks, river barges, sea barge, pontoon barge and human resources to provide all transportation needs for customers.

In order to meet the needs of transporting construction materials, leveling, and construction, we provide dump truck transport services from 500 kg to 15,000kg for large and small projects.With a good service quality,reasonable price and professional service, our truck transport service is ready to serve you on all roads


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Our modern and diversified fleet of barges together with highly qualified staff will provide the best service for river barge transportation with the best service quality

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Transporting construction materials by barge has many advantages such as: very efficient and inexpensive service, chosen by many partners, transporting all kinds of super-weight, cheap.In addition, the transportation of goods in general by barge also brings practical values ​​to society such as reducing traffic congestion on land and saving investment cost of road transport infrastructure.

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Ponton also transports oversized, super-heavy equipment and materials. This type of barge does not have a tunnel, which is a flat surface that will usually have a towing head attached to pull or push the pontons away.

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IBCO's transportation service is committed to being fast, safe and on time. Please contact us to get a quotation for shipping services.


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