Trading in secondhand goods

Trading in secondhand goods is one of the professions where IBCO has had great success. In Vietnam, we are the biggest secondhand wholesaler. Customers know about the secondhand business of IBCO through websites such as:,,,,,,.....

IBCO's secondhand warehouse at Cambodia

We provide a full source of secondhand goods from Asia: Japanese packages, Korean packages, Taiwan packages, Hong Kong packages, China and Europe packages: Australian packages, American packages, Canada packages, .... The packages are gathered by containers in Cambodia with a variety of products: jeans / khaki bales, men's and women's T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, windbreakers, chiffon dresses, evening suits, and suits headwear, scarf / feather bales, footwear accessories, belt bales, men's and women's handbags, children's suits, watch bales, teddy bear bales, rice cookers, refrigerators, suitcases, ceramics ceramic,, .. with very cheap price, good material, beautiful and unique.. Beautiful and cheap material is the advantage of second hand to attract customers.We have the first grade of goods that have not been stamped yet and is distributed - supplied wholesale to the national market.

secondhand warehouse at Vietnam

The method of taking secondhand goods at IBCO is extremely diverse, so it is suitable for those who are new to business and have little capital. When the wholesale customer can sell, we can sell it. So we always fully support our agents in business.


Goods 100kg secondhand

We always welcome distributors large and small in the country to our distribution system. We will help minimize costs for secondhand shops in particular and bring the most beautiful and quality products to consumers across the country in general.


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