Recruitment process at IBCO Group

After submitting CV or Recruitment Document to IBCO according to the specified form. Candidates note the recruitment process at IBCO will go through the following steps:


Preliminary interview

After receiving and selecting candidate profiles, we will call and send invitations to interview for satisfactory records. Candidates should confirm whether or not to participate in the interview by email.

The interview is an opportunity for IBCO Group and employees to meet, redefine information in the profile, and find out recruitment needs. The qualified candidates will be invited to continue interviewing in the selection.


Selection interview

This interview aims to evaluate candidates in many aspects such as qualifications, job acceptability, information about personality, personal qualities ...

Employees who have questions about IBCO Group, their jobs will be answered directly and specifically by representatives of IBCO.

Candidates selected for probation will be discussed by us on salary, bonuses and benefits.


Apprentice probation

After passing the selection round, the candidates must go through the trail work. At IBCO, the candidate's probationary period lasts 2 months, candidates are entitled to 85% of the official salary. This is an opportunity for candidates to have practical contact with the job, to show their abilities and qualifications.


Hiring decisions

After the probation period, based on the assessment of the job quality from the candidate's direct manager, we will make the final decision to choose the most suitable candidates for the job.

After deciding to recruit, we will sign contracts with employees and ensure salary, bonus, welfare, and development training regimen for employees.