Policy for employees

Human resources are the most valuable asset, so we are always interested in human resource remuneration policies to attract talented employees and dedicate themselves to the company.


Working time

  • IBCO's standard working hours are 8 hours / day, 48 hours / week

  • The day off is every Sunday

  • Holiday policy:All employees are entitled to paid holidays during all government-regulated public holidays.

  • Annual leave policy (vacation): Employees who have had 12 months working at the Company are entitled to at least 12 days of full paid leave if they work under normal conditions and 14 days if working in heavy or hazardous conditions. The number of day off  is increased according to the working seniority, 1 day of leave is counted for every 5 years.


Salary policy

  • Employees working at IBCO enjoy a competitive salary compared to the general market level and raise the salary level in accordance with the law.


Bonus policy

  • In addition to the negotiated salary, IBCO always has a timely reward policy in order to motivate and encourage employees to make efforts to dedicate, to build a growing corporation.

  • On holidays, IBCO also gives annual bonuses to employees depending on the results of production and business of the group.


Welfare regime

  • Employees are provided with working equipment; free parking space; allocate uniforms by year.

  • Employees are entitled to 12 days off / year, increasing the day off according to seniority.

  • The company supports lunch, applied to employees when having lunch in the building's dining room (including probationary staff).