Life at IBCO Group

“Your comfort is the foundation of the success of the IBCO Group”. As such, we are committed to our workplace as an environment that values ​​your emotional, physical and financial needs. An environment where each of us feels like a valued member of the team. A place where we are motivated to make a difference in the community. We call it Understanding.


Creative workspace

We focus on developing facilities, building a modern and friendly working environment. The office buildings are built according to a modern model to create a creative working environment that helps employees to maximize their abilities at work.


Respect differences

We accept people as they are, both strong and weak, good and incomplete. At the same time, we create the maximum conditions for everyone to be themselves, as well as create the best opportunities for each individual to grow and succeed.


The spirit of innovation

This is a unique quality of IBCO personnel. We always ask ourselves the question is there any other way? We strive to lead in new technology, new products, new management methods and new business. The spirit of innovation combined with continuous learning has helped IBCO rise up and maintain its position as the leading technology company in Vietnam.



IBCO's staff not only does their job well but also cares about their colleagues to develop together for a common goal. When a teammate accidentally has an accident, everyone will always there to help and share.


Diversity & inclusion

We have created a welcoming, multicultural environment, from employees, members of the company to the guests. We have worked hard to create this community and pledged to stay that way.


At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.

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