Career orientation

We consider career orientation and human resource development as the most important issue. We regularly implement training policies, improve knowledge and professional qualifications for our staff.


Training activities

The training is not only about improving the qualifications of staff, but also for each member to become a worthy representative of IBCO in any circumstances.Through the training system, we want to contribute to improving the quality of human resources in the country in general.

In fact, during the working process, IBCO regularly organizes new training courses, retraining and intensive training. In addition, IBCO also focuses on training and assisting employees to complete position rotation programs, and job reconstruction to train inherited human resources or promote management.


Create promotion opportunities

We always create the best conditions for our employees to have the opportunity to advance in their work. The excellent employees will be promoted to worthy positions to have opportunities to develop themselves and contribute to the overall development of the company.

At IBCO, you will experience a professional environment, challenging work and opportunities to work with experienced people. We are committed to creating the most favorable conditions for you to achieve your career goals and to help you shine brightly and develop in the long term.



At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.

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