Invest in and develop e-commerce platforms

Business forms between two businesses are growing. Business model mainly appears in the field of e-commerce & on e-commerce channels. We launch e-commerce platforms: SEBUSO, AdnAf, Buy and Sell Cambodia, ... with the ambition to become the leading user connection platform.

Traditionally, the Customer (Buyer) has a lot of problems placing an order, while the Supplier (the Seller) is having a hard time reaching its target customer. Therefore, e-commerce is deployed with the desire to become the number 01 connection solution for sellers & buyers. SEBUSO is developed with the aim of always putting the customer at the main to develop in accordance with the name of SEBUSO - Seller Buyer Solution.

A business may need many requests to purchase or use products and services to run the business smoothly. At SEBUSO, you'll have it all.

With just one click, SEBUSO is helped you to do your business more efficiently and saves money for your business. At the same time, SEBUSO is also helped you reach many potential customers who are really in need!


With the e-commerce platform, anyone can edit assignments instantly and only need to remember a few rules. There are many support pages available such as: creating articles, editing articles or translating articles.

AdnAf is provided the user:

  • Value

All the information you need about the product or service you're looking for is on

  • Neutral

The information is given to you, that is completely unbiased for any individual or organization.

  • Objectivity

Customers objectively evaluate suppliers. This is helped you make the right decision after consulting

  • Censorship

You have an important role to play in making the information on more accurate.

  • Simplicity has made it easiest for people around the world to make passive money.

  • Convenience

Downloading AdnAf on Android or the App Store is easier than ever.

For businesses and customers, e-commerce has a role in a very bright future.We are very pleased to accompany users on modern e-commerce platforms.


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