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Information technology solutions: developing applications of CRM - ERP - MES - ... systems, providing and consulting on technology application solutions for businesses.

Building information technology solutions, integrating systems and databases are our strengths. In the process of building solutions, we always seek to balance customers' current needs and future business plans in choosing the right software to ensure the best response. Continually improving our knowledge is one of our most important principles. Our staff are trained regularly to update new technology, and we always devote resources to system research and development.

We provide solutions that are suitable for customers such as: parallel systems in many different layers, system backup solutions, DR site solutions to protect system data in case of disasters, systems protect multiple layers,...

Our CRM system makes it easy for tellers to simulate many types of customers, and then coordinate with other technical departments in the company to launch appropriate marketing campaigns.CRM software helps leaders have a visual view and evaluate the performance of individuals to make rewarding policies for the right people at the right time.

Our ERP system is the working system linking all production and business processes of the business. You can manage all business activities of the business effectively by linking information and business processes in one software system. In with, the functional modules of the enterprise link and interact with each other through a common database system.

The MES system creates and delivers a flawless production management process, receiving responses and requests in real time, providing information at a single source. The benefits of an MES system include:

  • Optimizing the operating time of the business 

  • Accurately capture data on costs: personnel, damage to materials, shutdowns, production equipment & tools.

  • Increase the availability uptime of the machine.

  • Support work operations without documents.

  • Reduce inventory through eliminating unnecessary inventory.

We consult & design and deploy database solutions to help customers choose the right solution for their database. We implement the solution professionally and have a really good operating system as a result.


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