Logistic services - import and export

We are continuing to invest in facilities (warehouses and vehicles) and develop human resources to further promote import and export services. Our service chain focuses on international standards to better meet customers' requirements.


Services provided by IBCO include:

  • Import and export of business goods

  • Import and export of investment goods

  • Import and export of processed goods

  • Import and export of raw goods

  • Import and export of temporary import for re-export

  • Non-commercial import and export

  • Import and export of goods for exhibitions and fairs

Why should IBCO import and export service?


Our consulting team has many years of experience in the service of import and export and freight transportation. We know how to guide and coordinate so that you quickly grasp the steps of the work to do, then perform it accurately and promptly. So you will not have to worry when doing import / export for the first time.

We have directly advised many first-time import and export customers. Thereby, I know the mistakes that import-export companies often make and know how to help customers avoid mistakes. 

We aim to professionally and reputable customer service. We are customer-centric and focused highly on what to do to keep customers happy.

We have a package service: import and export consulting, international shipping, customs clearance ... You only need to do through "1 door" so it is very convenient.

When you are looking for an import and export consignment service, please contact us immediately to have our customer care staff answer all your questions for free. We are committed to always work hard to bring the maximum benefits as well as the most professional cheap import and export services for your business.

If you are in need of a truly professional and reputable import-export service company, IBCO is one of the top choices today. Please contact us to use the full import and export service!

Email: info@ibco.group

Hotline: +8558 1-3-5-7-9-11

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