Garment business

We have many years of experience in the industry of manufacturing uniforms for companies, classes, cafes, shops, restaurants ... for organizations, individuals and businesses nationwide.

Uniforms are one of the most important industries and in great demand for society. But to fully meet the requirements of quality, price and delivery time for customers is one of the very important issues and not simple for a small garment factory.

Sewing workshop with more than 50 sewing machines at IBCO

We always listen to and understand customers' requirements regarding uniforms to improve each day. With a closed production process from consulting -> design -> sewing -> printing, embroidering with a team of skilled, enthusiastic and dynamic workers, our product quality is always guaranteed. Besides, the product price is also cheaper than all other uniform printing factories on the market.

We build many modern websites including:,,, ... to bring the garment business to customers all over the country. Our garment industry website has an eye-catching interface and modern features. We hope to bring a good experience to our customers.

Fabric warehouses are always available in large quantities

We have constantly tried and learned. IBCO's staff have undergone many training courses and are deeply trained in a lot of new knowledge together with modern uniform printing technology from experts in the field of uniform production across the country. We possess leading technology in uniform sewing and printing.

Modern t-shirt printing workshop

We recognize that providing products to customers is not for the sole purpose of earning revenue and income, but it is important to create trust and reputation with customers about product quality and best service. Sticking to and taking good customer care is a top priority that we have outlined since starting. Thank you for always trusting and coming to IBCO. That is the biggest motivation for them to try more in developing their business as well as more and more perfect products, services and employees.

We thank our customers and partners for their trust in working with us in the past time. We hope to receive more attention and cooperation from you in the future.


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