Dredging the riverbed

The estuary and river-bed are frequently deposited by sand and eroded. That makes it difficult for boats to get in and out. That is why the dredging of rivers, clearing of estuaries to ensure that boats move, moor and avoid shelter as well as develop maritime logistics services is very necessary. The goal of dredging works on riverbeds, clearing estuary channels is to ensure safety of inland waterways traffic, improve transport capacity of vehicles circulating on rivers, ensuring traffic safety and contributing to part to promote socio-economic development.

When a river is disturbed, river banks in different areas of the river also begin to erode gradually as sediments of the original point of contact gradually flow from that location down to further river currents. As a result, the flow rate of the river increases, causing severe erosion. Dredging and removal of "excess" sediments is to reset the width and depth of the river, stabilize the surrounding embankment and prevent future shoreline erosion.

River bed is accreted by sediments over time

River canals accumulate sediments and accretion over time, which requires regular maintenance dredging to maintain proper depths. When rivers deposit too much sand and silt, the river's flow becomes blocked. For a long time, the river level rises and lands on both sides of the bank. When an excessive amount of water enters a basin filled with sediment at a rapid rate, flooding occurs.

Alluvial sand area at seaport

The dredging of river-bed and opening of estuaries does not prevent floods, it reduces a number of related risks.River-bed dredging is important to maintain natural flows and reduce the likelihood of disasters occurring in areas where floods often occur when the rainy season comes.

IBCO Group specializes in the construction of dredging river-bed, clearing estuary channels, exploiting sand by scraper, by suction ships, by dredging ships. With modern machines that can absorb sand to a depth of 10m, we undertake construction of large and small projects

High capacity dredging vessel at IBCO

We have modern and professionally invested machines, high productivity floating bridges and barge systems. A team of workers with professional qualifications in the dredging field to get ready for sand scraping.

Modern sand suction boat

Workers determine the location to dredge sand and suitable machines. The staff dredge the sand and use the truck to bring the sand to the gathering place.

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