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With regard to wastewater treatment in industrial zones, we are the most prestigious wastewater treatment company with a team of experienced engineers. We have been executing many big projects. We are at the forefront in applying the latest wastewater treatment technologies to each participating project. We commit that the quality of treated wastewater always meets the standards.

For industrial plants, the wastewater treatment system is extremely important. If the wastewater is not treated properly, it will have a significant impact on the environment.

3D drawing of smart wastewater plant

Depending on the production sector, there will be different treatment processes in the industrial wastewater treatment system. It will include basic equipment including: sedimentation tanks, anaerobic microorganism tanks, aerobic, mud storage tanks, disinfection tanks ... Wastewater after treatment will meet the standards of the state.

In order to create the most favorable conditions for the construction and installation of wastewater treatment systems, we will conduct a field survey in the industrial park. Based on the source and characteristics of the pollutants, the location and topography of the plant, we will propose a design & construction plan for the system to best suit the factory.

Our workers construct wastewater treatment plant

Steps to design a wastewater treatment plant system at IBCO include:

  • Field survey, geological structure - foundations and neighboring works

  • Measuring the overall dimensions and area of ​​the space, the current plan.

  • Proposing feasible options and selecting optimal technology

  • Redraw the overall plan, regional plan and draw 3D perspective.

The wastewater treatment system installed after being treated must meet the discharge quality prescribed by the state.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant came into operation

Our design & construction field includes:

  • Design & construction of industrial wastewater treatment systems;

  • Design & construction of residential wastewater treatment system;

  • Design & construction of factory wastewater treatment system;

  • Design & construction of hospital, school wastewater treatment station;

  • Design & construction wastewater treatment system for restaurants, buildings;

In addition, we also receive consulting, upgrading and renovating wastewater treatment systems for agencies and businesses that are in need of expanding the system. IBCO is committed to applying the most advanced treatment technologies to each participating project.


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