Design and construction of industrial waste treatment plant system

We have experience and quality of design services for many industrial waste treatment plant systems. We have been trusted by domestic and foreign investors to choose and execute important stages in the construction & design of industrial waste treatment plants including items such as: technical design; design construction drawings and construction of industrial waste treatment plant systems.

Since operating until now, we have constantly made efforts to improve the quality of technology and services to satisfy customers' needs. For customers: We are committed to providing customers with services and works with high quality and the most reasonable price. We always innovate and apply diverse and advanced technologies to meet each customer's needs.


Industrial exhaust treatment system drawing

We always operate with the motto Prestige - Quality - Dedicated Service. For employees: we always build a dynamic and creative working environment. For society: we actively contribute to social activities for the community.

3D drawing of industrial wastewater treatment plant

We design and construct a system of multi-tech industrial waste treatment plants such as: using thermal technology, liquid waste treatment technology, waste plastic recycling technology, scrap plastic, processing and recycling electronic waste, motor vehicle demolition technology, recycling of metals and non-ferrous metals. After the plant goes into operation stably, it is possible to increase capacity by burning power generation technology, ensuring increasing demand for solid waste treatment.

The reason you should choose our industrial waste disposal service

  • Our design service of industrial waste treatment plant systems is a professional service from consulting, design, construction, installation and maintenance, package warranty. With many years of experience and reputation in the field of waste treatment, we always offer the most suitable solution for each business condition.

  • The industrial waste treatment methods all focus on cost saving: saving input costs, saving operating fuel, limiting the use of chemicals, using microorganisms to treat and use new easy-to-replace handling technologies.

  • Highly automated, easy to operate and limited human exposure to pollutants.

  • The system saves the maximum area and can be located at any location in the entire industrial park.

  • Easy and quick installation - easily move to other locations if needed.

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