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Along with the growing industry "Food And Beverage", we have developed De Bokor restaurant specializing in goat specialty in the "land of the pagoda" in Cambodia. De Bokor's menu has a variety of hundreds of dishes, from rustic to sophisticated dishes made by talented hands of enthusiastic chefs.

De Bokor restaurant is located at a prime location

At De Bokor, you will have a variety of choices for a luxurious party or simply a warm meeting with your family, friends and partners.

De Bokor is honored to be a destination that you have trusted. We are constantly striving to become more and more perfect in all aspects such as: food quality, service quality, dedicated staff, ...

The restaurant space is open

We are delicate in the layout of the space with the spacious shared dining room that is intelligently arranged and divided into many small areas. We also arranged a number of private rooms with very modern furniture so that guests can organize their private meals.

We have a team of young, enthusiastic staff. You will always receive prompt support and the most dedicated service. De Bokor restaurant is always the first choice for parties of friends, colleagues or cozy family meals.

Not only bringing customers to the great levels of taste, our Để Bokor restaurant also gives customers a great service experience. Website: shows real pictures of the food available at the restaurant for diners to choose.

Special food at De Bokor

Online restaurant management platform helps the staff at De Bokor manage the dining table easily, thereby serving customers quickly and accurately. The "Internet of Things" platform supports customers to experience unmatched features from chatbots such as: viewing menus, updating promotions, viewing discounts, booking tables & ordering online.

De Bokor Restaurant is pleased to serve you!


Hotline: +8558 1-3-5-7-9-11

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