Road and waterway traffic works

We have many years of experience in the field of consulting, design & construction of road and waterway construction works including: roads,bridges, highways, ...

We have a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff, architects and engineers.Our road and bridge construction team has participated in many projects across the country

Road project in completion stage

Besides, we also have a team of skilled workers and diversified and rich equipment. Projects implemented by us are highly appreciated by investors for their quality, technique, fine arts and construction progress.

Highways project during construction

Road constructions constructed by us are quality controlled according to government regulations. A road construction item is completed and put into operation when it is accepted to meet the requirements of construction design, applicable standards, technical regulations for works, requirements of construction contracts and relevant laws. We have the prescribed conditions and capacity, have enough measures to self-manage the quality of self-implemented works.

The overpass project has been checked, accepted and put into use

For the main new technical solutions, technologies and materials of the project that are applied for the first time, we ensure to meet the requirements of technical regulations and relevant laws. We provide a full range of grounds and documents proving safety, efficiency and feasibility when applied for the competent authority to decide in the construction design process.

Bridge project is undergoing construction

For the construction of waterway traffic works, we ensure not to obstruct the operation of waterway transports on the river and not to reduce the ability to drain floods. All activities during the construction process ensure the stability of the riverbank and do not increase the risk of riverbank erosion.

With the aim of putting the quality of the project first, we always strive to improve the technique and improve the skills of our employees. Our optimal construction process is aimed at the lowest price and satisfying the needs of customers.

We hope to continue to successfully cooperate with customers in the future!


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