Install solar power/electricity system

We offer a full package of electrical / solar system installation services including: design consulting, construction, acceptance and maintenance.

Civil electrical diagram

The electrical system supports all of the building's electromechanical systems. The power system supplies electricity for the elevator to transport people, controls ventilation equipment to regulate the temperature, detects fire hazards and serves the building's communication system.The electrical system that we supply uses the most advanced technologies to maximize energy saving, meet construction requirements, comply with green building standards and provide enough power according to demand.

The drawing simulates how the solar system works

Solar power system installation service is also our strong point. In order for the solar power system to operate stably and efficiently, we always focus on choosing the best components and equipment for the system.

Our technician has been the installation of the solar power system

Solar power is an inexhaustible source of energy that nature gives to humans. What are the advantages of solar power? Why should we use solar power for the house?

  • Solar power is an electrical source converted from sunlight energy into electricity. It is an inexhaustible resource to exploit.

  • The cost of manufacturing solar cells is decreasing, the amount of electricity supplied increases over time. This contributes to lower cost of electricity consumption.

  • Solar power in the future could replace other forms of electricity generation from burning fossil fuels as well as restricting hydropower to change the ecosystem.

  • Solar power is recognized as a green, clean and environmentally friendly source of energy. Solar battery recycling technology is also gradually improving. According to 2014 statistics, the average CO2 emission of solar power is 41g / kWh, coal power is 820g / kWh.

We are a pioneer and experienced in the renewable energy industry. We have an excellent staff, well-trained and experienced in the profession. We are a reputable distributor of many famous brands in the world.

Besides, solar power system installation service also has advantages such as:

  • ISO certification from SGS: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018.

  • Consulting and appraisal of solar power projects before installation.

  • Design and evaluate the option of optimal system installation in terms of performance.

  • Choosing good quality materials in accordance with cost.

  • Policy on maintenance and system upgrade after installation.

We always aim to bring the best quality products to customers. We are always with you on the path of using green energy.


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