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We are a pioneer in the field of construction - repair and maintenance of irrigation projects. With many years in the field of design - construction, repair and accretion of irrigation systems such as embankment, river digging, embankment, soft embankment, hard embankment, road construction, we have a team of many engineers - employees - workers - especially modern machines to perform projects best.

Our workers are constructing the site to make river embankments

An embankment is a type of structure that protects river banks and coastlines from the effects of erosion caused by currents and waves. Conventional revetments are designed above the dyke roof.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers to bring soft dyke technology from Europe to application in Vietnam.

Hard embankments are made of reinforced concrete, water overflows through the gaps in the embankment body, reducing wave energy, not against waves; allowing seawater to carry sediments into the revetment, causing natural sedimentation; after that, the tree regenerates and protects the dyke itself.

The coastal road is built by us in accordance with the hydrographical conditions, with special attention to the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

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