When we are trusted as the general contractor for the enthusiastic project of our partners, we are committed to bringing a series of outstanding long-term benefits.

Tower is in the finishing process

The benefits that partners receive:

  • We are committed to bringing a series of outstanding and long-term benefits.

  • Manpower cost optimization for project management

  • Consulting construction methods & materials in accordance with capital sources

  • The contractor will be proactive in all stages from monitoring organization - coordinating progress to commitment to safety in construction and quality of the whole project on behalf of the investor.

Civil house is entering the stage of completion

We guarantee a fast and comprehensive construction schedule. We build credibility with customers by our commitment and exact execution in terms of construction and handover time.

Construction of landscape in the industrial park

We guarantee and even exceed the original construction schedule. The fast construction progress in every project is the best testament to the prestige, responsibility and professionalism of a general contractor.

Apartment project in the city center

All projects we undertake are under optimal quality control. We have a team of senior experts on project completion. It has been to ensure high technicality and aestheticism for all items. IBCO General Contractor will ensure accuracy and consistency from the blueprint as well as the regulations on project acceptance. In addition, we have a team of experts with many years of experience in construction of high-quality projects such as 5-star hotels, luxury apartments, towers, industrial parks, .... Therefore, our partners are completely assured and confident with the durable and beautiful construction quality constructed by IBCO.

We are very pleased to cooperate with you!


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