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The field of construction design consulting has been developed by us since the first days of our group's establishment.The leadership team are architects, structural engineers are highly trained bachelors and masters. The projects we participate in design consultancy are guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing and highly applicable.

We always focus on combining the specific space or context where that architecture is located to create works with high applicability but still ensuring aesthetics. Our innovative architectural philosophy is the harmonious coordination between the interests & ideas of customers but still best meets application needs, convenience, efficiency, high aesthetics and breath of age.

Drawings of the vertical axis of civil houses

Construction design consultancy of civil engineering is our strength. We have been participating in design consultancy for a series of civil projects across all regions.

3D drawing image of industrial zone

An industrial building is a place in which industrial production and service processes take place. The industrial park includes: factories, production operators, works for production and engineering works. We have experience in consulting many large and small industrial parks.

Irrigation project simulated via 3D drawing

We specialize in consulting and designing irrigation projects such as pumping stations, freshwater reservoirs, bank protection embankments, large to small waterways bridges. It includes: investment preparation, survey report preparation, technical design, total cost estimate, bidding documents, construction drawings, construction supervision and design appraisal of irrigation projects.

3D drawing to simulate high-end urban project planning 

Our project planning services help developers create high-quality real estate products. We always attach great importance to the consideration and evaluation of external impact factors in order to propose a reasonable spatial planning plan,.... it is both consistent with state regulations and maximizes investment efficiency.

Our construction design consulting services are committed to bringing you maximum satisfaction!


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