Thứ sáu,05/07/2019
Work culture at IBCO Group

IBCO is a gathering place for excellent personnel, who are disciplined thoughts and actions, talents and brains. In addition, our people have a strong work ethic on a foundation of good will and best purposes.

Culture is considered an indispensable part of IBCO's staff. Culture is the IBCO spirit. It is the power that motivates organizations to cease to create. The culture that creates synergy has led IBCO to thrive in every area in which we participate.

Each member of IBCO always strives to learn, proactively and continuously strives to improve oneself. Each "nucleus" of IBCO has the goal of "IBCO IS ALWAYS READY  FOR YOUR DREAMS!" to develop yourself and build the strongest team. 

Culture at IBCO is expressed through 3 core values ​​"Listening - The United - Creation"



At IBCO, subordinates can give their opinions directly to superiors. It is not necessary to distinguish low position - high position or personal relationship. We accept a person as what they are: both talent - shortcoming, strengths - weakness,... We create the best conditions for each member to "be yourself", express yourself and realize ambitions.


The United

At IBCO, all members are helped, cared and shared to work together towards the common goal of the group. Each member defines and considers IBCO as our second home, where we stick with and spend most of their daily time living and working. In any role and position, we are always proud to be a member of IBCO.



We constantly learn from our customers, partners, and colleagues to avoid stubborn thinking. IBCO strives to lead the way in new technologies and new ways to bring about sustainable values ​​to society.

Culture is an inseparable part of the corporate vision and strength. The leaders of IBCO have built an IBCO corporate culture that is always harmonious, balancing the benefits of businesses and the interests of partners, between profits and community benefits, between short-term goals and the motto of sustainable development.


At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.

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