Thứ sáu,05/07/2019
Social responsibility

For the environment

With the goal of sustainable development, IBCO is understanded the importance of environmental protection in the process of building and developing social works, urban areas, apartments, industrial parks, ...IBCO aims to build “green” building complexes, eco-urban areas, solar energy systems, and energy-saving buildings. The outstanding green buildings are associated with the development mark of IBCO.

IBCO's machinery systems are all equipped with modern technology lines imported directly from Europe to contribute to reducing fuel and energy consumption. IBCO continues to aim at using environmentally friendly production and construction materials. 

Considering the principle of "harmony with the environment" as a guideline during production and business activities as well as project development, IBCO not only does its best in preserving and protecting the environment but also attaches importance to propagating this awareness to partners and customers.


For the community

IBCO Group builds a corporate culture based on pioneering aspirations, intellectual values ​​and bravery of the living community. This culture is reflected in the welfare policy for employees and in activities for the common development of the social community. 

IBCO has been proactively implementing solutions such as building and developing projects of sustainable value, meeting market needs, using resources economically and efficiently, investing in existing machines to optimize costs and minimize energy consumption, maintain social activities and charity, .....


At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.

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