Mission & Vision IBCO Group
Thứ tư,28/01/2015

IBCO is oriented to develop into a multidisciplinary corporation in Construction - Technology, ... leading in the region. We are constantly innovating and innovating to create works - values ​​that contribute to improving the quality of social life.

IBCO always tried to prepare fully capacity and do its best to ensure true or higher than its commitments to customers, especially the quality and progress of implementation.

We uphold the spirit of dare to think, encourage human resources to explore and apply scientific and technical advances. We always take the initiative to improve the quality of products & services. 

We take "speed and efficiency in each action" as the principle of operation and take "quick decision - fast execution" as the value of identity. We take the pioneering aspiration to always "get to the destination on time" on the principle of "Better safe than sorry".

IBCO's goal is to gather elite people to create elite values ​​for society. We want to build a team of lean human resources with both merit and talent, where everyone is an excellent factor in the field of work they undertake.

We build relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors and the whole society by friendship, goodwill and compassion. We consider employees the most valuable resource, that is why we create a creative and humane working environment. We fully implement welfare policies and create equal development opportunities for all employees.

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