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About IBCO Group

IBCO - (CAMBODIA) INVESTMENT CO., LTD. operates in many fields such as: construction works such as sand pump and land filling, dam construction, infrastructure construction, canal digging, solar farm, drainage system, flood relief system, electrical system, system IT systems, water treatment plants, wastewater filtration lakes, bridge construction, overhead suspension bridge construction, skyscraper construction, apartment construction, high-end villa construction, building block, construction industrial park, civil engineering, etc ... IBCO also supplies sand for large and small scale leveling and construction activities.

IBCO is equipped with modern machinery and equipment used in construction works. Our staff - engineers are experienced and skilled.During its operation and development, IBCO has achieved certain achievements in building large projects both at home and abroad. IBCO always aims at "quality is the first priority". Besides, we always ensure parallel values ​​for partners such as reasonable cost and fast construction process.

With our capacity, we want to bid on your project. If there is a chance to win the bid, with financial capacity (certified by a bank) as well as professional qualifications, IBCO ensures to well perform the assigned work items. We undertake to complete the work in accordance with the terms of the contract.


About human resources

All members of IBCO Group meet the following requirements: professional qualifications, determination to develop their profession, responsibility and high sense of discipline. Under the leadership of the corporation, members of the IBCO group have a culture with their own identity. That cultural trait is humanity, compassion, the spirit of discipline. It is built and nurtured by collective intelligence and creativity.


For customers and partners


We always strive to create products and services of optimum quality. We guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. We conduct research, analysis, assessment and synthesis of the needs and wants of our customers deeply and comprehensively. 

IBCO builds a business culture based on the motto "customer-centric". All activities of IBCO staff are towards the highest goal of satisfying the needs of customers. We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to evaluate every problem.

IBCO wants to bring to the market products and services of international standards and completely new experiences of modern lifestyle. In any field, IBCO has also shown a pioneering role and leading a change in social trends.



At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.

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