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About IBCO Group

The main goal of IBCO Group is to become a strong economic group in many areas of business - production, construction, leveling of construction, construction, technology investment, .....

IBCO Group is committed to providing quality products and services only, ensuring the commitment to customers. To further improve and ensure high quality products - services. IBCO Group constantly invests in technology improvement, equipment capacity enhancement, creating all conditions for employees.


Construction of buildings, apartment buildings, houses and other works according to customer requirements

Ground leveling

Ground leveling of special economic zones, industrial parks, warehouses, factories, companies, ...


Commercial business in the fields of machinery, construction, marketing, catering, technology, ...


IBCO Group always invests in large and small projects to create a prosperous community

Why choose us?
These are the things IBCO GROUP is aiming for - these are things you can trust.

Intergrity: Integrity, ethics in business

IBCO Group always deals with partners, colleagues, customers and suppliers in a sincere and respectful manner so that we can cooperate and develop in the long term. The IBCO Group is committed to, at any cost, by any method, as long as it is within the moral and legal scope that it will allow what is claimed.

Better: Creating a better life

The vision of IBCO Group is to create a better life for many people. IBCO Group is committed to providing products - services that help everyone's life become better, life becomes more prosperous. If the goal is not that everyone's life is better, why bother?

Customer: Place customers as the center to grow

IBCO Group pledges to MAKE CUSTOMERS TO MAINLY in all their thoughts and actions. IBCO Group is constantly improving to bring customers the most interesting and satisfied experience based on the cultural background that focuses on Customer and Integrity.

Optimism: Optimism believes in life

Research shows that when in trouble, optimists do better than pessimists - they succeed in work, respond better to stress, get less depressed, and achieve more personal goals. more, they have more to be happy. Every individual at IBCO Group believes that when I am optimistic I have something else to be happy - in general, stronger.

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At IBCO Group, we always promote listening to customers' problems to offer more appropriate solutions than trying to sell a product - service.